My goal as an artist is to create works that depict the beauty that I see around me every day. I see beauty in simple things which i see around me everyday.

As a child I attended a nearby art school in bangalore and some of my drawings were selected in an art exhibition .

Today I chose to focus on ‘still life’ and spatial compositions, as I respond to spaces and surrounding settings. My works reflect my efforts to change the way people perceive space and objects in space, to look beyond the physical and the mundane, to find meaning in what is latent or most often overlooked.

I approach this in a number of ways. At times I will juxtapose spaces and elements to contrast one component from another and to give them a new context and vocabulary, which I use for exploring new permutations. At other times, I overlap spaces and elements to explore the positive and negative nature of these entities. This method acts as a creative springboard from where I am able to express myself.

Stillness and solitude gives me comfort. The gradations of greens, grays and reds juxtaposed with soft earth tones produces the environment that I like. Of late I have been using bright colors and objects from nature for the contents.

My approach to painting is extremely intensive and during the painting process, numerous changes occur between conception and completion. I love textured work and been experimenting and producing results.

I feel satisfied when my work can be interwoven with people’s lives, and it is the greatest satisfaction to me as an artist when I know that my work is loved and appreciated.

My fascination with colors had led me into painting on pottery and ceramics, from which the shift came to oils on canvas.

The best way to explain an artist's life is to look at her work which itself speaks for her soul. I hope that my work will speak for itself and for me.